Sustainable Canvas Bags SET

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To help our island's efforts towards anti-plastic, we created these items to help foster that lifestyle.  Available in various sizes for different purposes, and each bag being multi-purpose, these bags will help to lessen not only the use of plastics, but also the use of paper shopping bags.  So let's get IN THE HABIT of having these in our cars, with us whenever we are out - from eating out to especially shopping for goods.

Purchase the whole set which includes all 4 bag sizes.  You can choose them in ALL BLACK, ALL NATURAL, or MIX/CUSTOM the colors.  

***When ordering a MIXED/CUSTOM SET, here is an example. Copy & paste the format below into SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS during CHECK-OUT:
1) SMALL - black 
2) REGULAR - black 
3) MEDIUM - natural 
4) LARGE - black


Product Info/ 
- 100% Canvas Material; heavy-duty, machine washable
- Long straps for easy carrying, friendly to various arm sizes
- Ties for easy storage when folded

Visit individual listings below to read about each bag in greater detail

1) "SMALL" (Purse or Food Bag Size) - Width: 9.5 inches X 9.5 inches (square bottom), Height: 10 inches 
2) "REGULAR TOTE" - 14 inches X 14 inches 
3) "MEDIUM" Shopping / Multipurpose Bag - Width: 21.5 inches X 14 inches, Height: 14 inches
4) "LARGE" Shopping / Multipurpose Bag - Width: 22 inches X 5 inches, Height: 16 inches