Hafa Adai, 
    We thought this might be helpful so you are aware (without surprises) when you click that check out button regarding our shipping rates.   

As a default, ALL ORDERS will initially be collected $13.20 for shipping upon checkout, however based on how we package your order, your shipping price may be adjusted.  We currently use USPS priority mail (flat rate boxes) for shipping at this time, as this is the best option with our website's platform. 

Here are our usual shipping prices: 
1 ITEM = $8.00 
2 ITEMS (if not bulky items) = $13.20 
2-3 ITEMS OR MORE = $20.00 -> we will have to contact you & redo your order, for additional shipping costs, since the system automatically only charges $13.20.  Adding your email to your order is super important. 

For Guam-local customers: carries some of our items, which they deliver direct to your home address.   As another option, if one of your ordered items from our 1ST COLLECTION is part of your purchase, and you'd like to do a local (Guam) in-store pick-up from our retail partner SEAS+SIDEWALKS @ Micronesia Mall, we can contact you for that option upon reviewing your order, and shipping costs will be refunded. 

We are still trying to figure out cheaper options for shipping.  Once we do, this page will be updated.  Thank you so much for understanding, and we hope this was helpful.  Despite this, we thank you so much for your real love & support for GACHA.  Please message us if you have suggestions, especially for local (Guam) shipping options! 

God bless always, 

For other helpful ONLINE SHOPPING info,  click here.