About Us

"WOMENSWEAR" - An idea that lingered even before 2014. With mostly men-led local brand makers in Guam, and seeing that in 2017 there was still a lack of feminine women's local brand creators on island, GACHA was born - created (primarily) for women.  

Yes, there were women's clothes made by our local Guam brands: t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, even swimsuits.  But what about for the more feminine and stylish women of/from Guam? We felt Guam was way overdue for unique cut & sew womanly pieces to be put out into our local market.  

Cut & sew = clothes made from scratch. 

Our name is taken from the CHamoru word gacha' (ga-tsah) which means to attain; reach; seize (with the hand); to grasp. 

Of all possible CHamoru words, why GACHA? 
Because we are always attaining something in life.  We must always be reaching for the next thing, the greater accomplishment, but most importantly, working hard to attain the best version of life- thus, of Self

GACHA was created by a young (but not so young) Filipino famalao'an, who is also a wife and a mother; GUAM-born, GUAM-grown. 


A mix of our Guam island-influence (of course), business casual, streetwear, and some influences from runway fashion. 

SHE is many things, but most importantly she is: 
VERSATILE - classy but with street style, minimalist yet can be bold in her fashion. Ambitious and driven, yet always humble.  

She is a student of life, a professional, an intelligent, a creative.  A traveler.  She cares for the earth and a lover of nature. She cares for others as much as she cares for herself.  She is KIND.  She appreciates the people who made her clothes.  She is anti-fast fashion, and does her part to live stylishly sustainable.  She is always striving to be her highest potential, because she's gacha.

Not only are we here to create unique style pieces, especially from Guam, but we are here to bring value to our people.  Value in being a better customer of fashion, and of material things in general - in a world that desperately needs us all to live better habits in consumerism.  And also - value in being a kind and considerate human being.  
We are also advocates of supporting local markets, primarily in Guam (for those who live here & have roots/ties to our island), but also wherever you live in any part of the world.  We must strive to support "local" brands and businesses that hold higher standards than brands that are un-adapting, un-conscious, and slow-moving to the alarming, emergent signs of our world due to consumerism of material goods.  

GACHA wishes to remind you -> HOW you spend your money lies the true power.  
To change our world, we must look further into the brands, businesses, and products we are supporting.  We must let our money be our mouths, in the way we spend it and for whom we pass it onto, through our purchases.  And we must do our conscious parts by even starting small.    

Lastly, we hope to be a proud representative of Guam through the world of clothes-making & brand-creation, that will help the world to know more of who, what, and where Guam is.  Our products and presence are merely tools to introduce Guam to the world, so they can seek our island further. 

To be a respectable, valuable island/beachtown brand, humbly founded in Guam, yet recognizable and globally reachable in an extremely competitive world market.  

To be a leader in sustainability in as much as we can do: our processes, decisions, opportunities, products. 

To be a collaborator with "local" artists & businesses anywhere in the world who share like values, and to connect & create with people, for people. 

To be versatile in style and in spirit- having a sense of unpredictability; always evolving and growing. 

Thank you so much,
Si yu'us ma'åse,
Maraming salamat po,
for taking your time to learn who and what GACHA is all about.

(GACHA, 2019)