MEDIUM Shopping Sustainable Bag

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This MEDIUM Shopping bag was created for your big shopping items.  Although we prefer for you to always shop local, this bag would be great for your shopping trips to Ross, Macys, Kmart, Home Depot, or to your trip to the grocery store- from Payless to Cost-U-Less.  You can fit medium to large size items in here!  Be sure to bring this very handy bag around with you, or have them in your car, so that you are ready anytime you need to shop at these places.  

This is also great for a larger beach bag, which can fit things like a beach towel, your personal-use towel, change of clothes, snacks, and so much more!  You can use it as a large gym bag!  The purposes of these bags are endless.  

SHIPPING OPTIONS:  BY MAIL, OR GUAM LOCAL PICK-UP @ Seas+Sidewalks (Micronesia Mall). 

Product Info/ 
- 100% Canvas Material; heavy-duty, machine washable
- Long straps for easy carrying, friendly to various arm sizes
- Ties for easy storage when folded
- Width: 21.5 inches X 14 inches (side of bag)
- Height: 14 inches