Samples #4 Verdict; The Process Explained.

Wow, well HELLO 2019! Are we even ready?? Barely, maybe.  
We went through the entire holidays quiet on social media.  Wish we posted more, but TBH we really took time off to focus on the holidays (i.e. our spiritual side with God, and with family&friends).  

But one of the best things we received this Christmas was our package of samples our manufacturer shipped from the Philippines,  serendipitously arriving on Christmas Eve! And so it was our great gift to open on Christmas.  This is the first time any of our items hit Guam soil; so in that little way, this was a huge deal. 

The final verdict for Samples #4?? 
Six out of the 10 total items we've been working on have been approved and ready to get into mass production.   

But wait, we're not quite there yet.  We have two major steps prior to actual mass production: lab testing & size set

For better understanding, here is a quick timeline breakdown in the clothes-making process: 

1. Moodboard/Ideas
2. Tech Pack 
3. Initial Samples
4. Initial Samples, Revised (this can take several times) 
5. Pre-production Sample + Fabrics to Lab (for care labels)
6. Size Set (each sample in every size we'll produce)
7. Final Production 

In bold are the steps we are currently in, and slowly entering into the 6th step. 

Continue to pray for us that we can keep our FEB2019 Release.  The latest launch date for our first release would be MARCH2019, depending on these last few steps.  

For sure, we're as eager as you all.  In our heads, we are already collecting ideas for the next - because we love creating.  But doing our best to buckle down and focus on speeding up this release to completion.  

Thank you for reading. Hope this brought some value to you, especially to the possible few who wish to create clothing in the future :) 

Until the next blog. 



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