MAY 2020 - Call to Action: #GACHALoveMothers


In May, we are calling all our followers to action, giving more opportunity to give.  May as we all know in the U.S.A. is a month we celebrate our mothers, including here in Guam.  This month, GACHA would like to continue to raise funds as the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to affect Guam as well as the rest of the world.  

In April, our founder @lestruelove was fortunuate enough to give back through a community she is a part of called Fashion Mamas.  Fashion Mamas ran a campaign to help raise funds for Covid-19 called #FMStayHomeLookbook (search that tag on Instagram).  Taking from that exact same playbook, we would like to give all our GACHA followers a chance to give back doing something similar towards our Guam communities in need.  It was such a great way to bring fashion & giving together!  Our two favorite things.  

For May 2020, GACHA will donate $2 for every post created by our followers.  Required in each post are two things: 1) a Mother, and 2) a GACHA piece. 
You can post once a week, and for each week you post - GACHA will donate $2 on your behalf towards a Guam charity organization.  We will announce the charity organization and the total amount raised at the end of the month!  Tag us @gachaclothing on IG/FB or TikTok @gacha_guam, and use hashtag #GACHALoveMothers

Here are some examples you can do to meet our photo requirements/
a) photo of you (if you're a mother) wearing Gacha 
b) photo of you (if you're a mother) wearing Gacha, + your kids 
c) photo of you and your mother, both wearing Gacha
c) photo of your mother wearing Gacha, + you  
d) if your mom can't/won't wear your Gacha piece: photo of your mother, + you wearing Gacha  
e) photo of a friend who is a mother wearing Gacha, (if she doesn't have one, let her borrow for the photo)

Like we said, 2 requirements: a Mother & at least one Gacha piece.  You be creative!  

Remember, every week you can submit a new photo.  So use every opportunity to help give back by participating and helping us raise funds for Guam affected by Covid-19.  

Important note: If your Instagram is a private account and you are participating in this, please send us a DM on IG @gachaclothing informing us that you'll be participating so we can add you as a friend.  That way we won't miss any of your submission posts! 

LET'S ALL SHOW APPRECIATION FOR MOTHERS, while raising funds together to help with this Pandemic.  Thank you!  We love and appreciate you all.  












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