MAJOR "Unfortunate" GACHA NEWS

The worst thing just happened to us..
We publicized and marketed out our release date, it was so openly shared by our amazing & super-supportive GACHA FAM, and then BAM! 

We unexpectedly received news from our manufacturer:

First of all, we are so deeply sorry about this.  TBH, we feel like we wasted a lot of people's time - their time helping us share this event out, their time getting excited with us, just TIME in general!  And honestly, TIME is something we do not like wasting, especially OTHER PEOPLE'S TIME.  Mind you, it's been less than a week since we publicly announced our release date, but because of how far the word has reached, it feels longer than a week!  

This was a major curveball, a great lesson learned, and we definitely know - This is a TEST.  A test in life to see: how do you react to situations that are not in your control? To us those life tests are important.  [ We always hope to pass those "tests" given to us- like acing a pop quiz in high school! ] 

Although we wished we found this out sooner, we want to share that we have a GREAT RELATIONSHIP with our manufacturer.  You probably think heads might've been chopped off from receiving such horrific news, but the exact opposite occurred.  Both parties admitted their faults, both parties were taking responsibility for this mishap, both parties were trying to take the blame.  IT was a beautiful thing to see.  Usually, you would see the opposite - pointing fingers at the other party; no one wants to take the blame.  We are blessed to have such a relationship.  This is the kind of healthy relationship we wish to have with every party we wish to do business with.  

So, an update: the new ETA of our products are expected mid-APRIL.  However, we will not be announcing a date until we have safely received all our products on Guam.  We hate that we have to go back to saying this: "Now the waiting game [AGAIN]."  **insert 3 crying emojis** 

We thank you so much and hope for your understanding.  Please do know we had an option to keep the event date on 3/30/2019 by having our customers see and try on our items, and take pre-orders, but we realized that wouldn't be the best experience to give you all, especially for our FIRST RELEASE.  So rescheduling was the best option.  

Thank you so much for even taking the time to read all our thoughts & emotions on this.  This is us being very public about our process.  We hope you receive value from our transparency, and hope it helps to bring lessons you can apply into your daily lives.  

End thought/ 
How do you react when life does not go as you meticulously planned? Do you feel you handle it well when you are thrown a curveball, or do you think you can work more on improving your reaction?  

Remember, the #1 survival trait in life is: ADAPTIVENESS.  

Blessings to you all for your love & kindness!  




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Good things take time. Great things take even longer. The resilience you’ve shown through this process is clear to see and I for one appreciate your openness and honesty throughout. I’m so excited for this and I cannot wait to see all the greatness that is Gacha.

Gachong-mu ;)

That’s life. As a mother and a conscious farmer I don’t settle too much on dates and times the laws of nature do not work those ways as I’ve found thru constant trials and errors with parenting and planting… release the pressure
Of times and dates and flow with it🍃no worries

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