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   We saw this opportunity on Instagram to host this film, and the second we saw it, we jumped on it.  It is so in line with the mission we have here at GACHA - to educate, bring awareness, & elevate mindsets on fashion sustainability.  It also embodies 3 things we love -> FASHION x SUSTAINABILITY x FILM 

  We are so happy we get to provide this to Guam for free, thanks to FASHION REVOLUTION (for helping waive the fee for this film), because we are celebrating Fashion Revolution Week (April 22-28).  This film was created by REDRESS.  It took us some work to find a place to make this completely for free for you all, so please - take the opportunity: attend & learn with us! 

  Please help us share this flyer out so that we can reach more Guammies who love what we love -> FASHION x SUSTAINABILITY x FILM.

Fashion Revolution @fash_rev: A nonprofit organization heading the global movement calling for greater transparency in the fashion industry
Redress HK @getredressed: A charity/environmental NGO working to cut waste out of the fashion industry 




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