Extra Care Instructions - 1st Release Items

We hope you do one thing after buying clothes from us...  

This is why we went the extra step to gather all this information for you to conveniently know more on how to care for the items you've purchased from us.  We hope it educates you on caring for your clothes in general :)  Our care label gives instructions to follow.  But here are some specifics.  

Wash inside-out to maintain the smoothness of this cotton fabric.

We highly recommend not washing this piece before wearing it.  Let it go unwashed for as long as you can, allowing the denim (blue) dye to stick to the fabric for longer. Wash only when soiled; you'll extend the lifespan of your clothing, and you also help by living a sustainable habit.  We learned all this from JEANS-MAKERS themselves:  https://hiutdenim.co.uk/pages/washing-instructions

If you notice why your denim eventually turns yellow after washing-  here's why: How Denim Becomes Blue 

Also we noticed, steaming is a better option over ironing this denim jacket.  But ironing is fine, if you do not have a steamer.  

Wash inside-out to protect fabric. 

Wash inside-out to preserve the texture of the fabric, especially JUNGLE GREEN- COTTONBLEND version.  Do not tumble dry to prevent further shrinkage, especially DUSKY PINK- HEMP version. 

Since this is an outer layer piece, this should not be washed often either.  HAND-WASH.  Low iron on sleeves, be sure to iron inside-out.  Do not iron on velvet, steam only from inside of the velvet fabric, or if you don't have a steamer, hang them inside your bathroom while you take a warm shower.  

Velvet is a beautiful fabric, but also can be delicate.  Here's an article we found on how to care for the velvet if impression marks (lines) are visible on your velvet.  Easy & simple too!  Repairing Velvet Fabric


One thing we weren't happy about was how our care label turned out.  That's a story for a different day, but here's what the final one should have looked like, in addition to being more legible.  :/

Thank you for taking the time to know how to MAKE YOUR CLOTHES LAST.


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